Solutient was recently awarded a three-year contract to provide oversight of the operating, administrative and financial aspects of the public transit service for the River Parishes Transit Authority (RPTA) throughout St. Charles and St. John the Baptist Parishes. Some of Solutient’s specific responsibilities to the RPTA Board include monitoring procurements; oversight of the grant funding process from application, expenditure, draw down, and grant close-out; maintaining accurate financial records; reviewing annual budgets; advising the RPTA Board of Directors in complying with all applicable local, State and federal regulations; and assisting the Board in reviewing all contractors’ adherence to the provisions of contracts.

Solutient’s role is vital to the success of the RPTA’s mission as it provides the board a check on all of its contracted functions, helping ensure the integrity of all expenditures of public funds as required by the Federal Transit Administration by providing oversight to monitor the operating, administrative and financial aspects of the RPTA transit system and acting as the RPTA’s fiscal agent.

Solutient is proud to add RPTA to its ever expanding list of grant management clients.