Fifty years of meeting evolving demands from federal agencies to monitor and assess the effectiveness of state and local implementation of federal programs.

Since its founding in 1974 and through the subsequent decades, Solutient began to trigger national and international expansion of the firm through its evaluations success. 

Since becoming a household name in Federal Evaluation, Solutient has executed assignments in more than 38 states and 7 countries internationally.


to Changing Needs

Even as the demand for federal oversight decreased in the ‘90’s, Solutient expanded its expertise to include the rising need for management of large federally funded programs (such as disaster recovery, transit management, and public housing management, among other areas). 

However, the demand for evaluation and audit skills are still there. As industry leaders in this area for fifty years, Solutient remains one of top firms to partner with for evaluations and monitoring support.

The evaluation functions provided by Solutient range from new projects as an entry point to manage the operations of large programs, to ongoing retainers of local governments in areas including:

Evaluation and compliance practices
have always been at the core of Solutient.

Dr. Robert Sternhell, Solutient’s founder and Chairman of the Board, implemented the strong evaluation and compliance practices you see today. As a professor in Public Management, he authored numerous articles on evaluation in addition to creating an evaluation course sequence for his students. He has been the lead on dozens of evaluation teams and has assembled a solid team of researchers and data analytics specialists.

Solutient’s team of experts have been providing these reports and performing evaluations and compliance studies for 50 years. As a proven leader in these areas, we continue to develop and evolve as subject matter experts in diverse areas. The key is our ability to apply techniques that effectively address the goals of each unique entity.

HUD Programming is another key area where Solutient helps communities thrive.
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