Solutient, in nearly 40 years of professional services, is a leading national practitioner in the evaluation of demonstration programs, funded projects and ongoing programs. The common denominator in all of these engagements is the agency’s need to make a determination whether to continue to invest. That is why Solutient has so often been asked to perform one of the following forms of evaluation studies:

  • Outcome evaluations
  • Process evaluations
  • Both outcome and process evaluations

Evaluations are kissing cousins to compliance services and fiscal audits. Each has as its primary objective a determination if the program/agency/company is meeting the original objectives of the investment. Where audits focus attention on financial transactions, evaluations and compliance studies explore how the program/project/agency/company has implemented the ideas and assumptions that were the foundation of the structured action. Further, clients are usually interested in whether the outcomes are as projected. The linkage between outcomes and process implementation occurs when outcomes are less than expected. The client needs to know why, and the answer usually rests in the quality of the implementation. Solutient’s structured analyses are designed to reveal areas of shortfall, whether it lies in the assumptions, the implementation or external factors.

Clients want a data driven score sheet, one that not only identifies the mistakes and their source, but provides corrective recommendations. Compliance studies typically take their point of departure in that they are usually governmental; they incorporate standards or expectations that are built into legislation or administrative regulations. Otherwise the skills and techniques of evaluations and compliance studies are similar.

Dr. Robert Sternhell, CEO of Solutient, manages the evaluation and compliance practice. A former University professor in Public Management, he has authored numerous articles on evaluation in addition to creating an evaluation course sequence for his students. He has been the lead on dozens of evaluation teams and has assembled a solid team of researchers and data analytics specialists.

Solutient staffers have been providing these reports and performing evaluations and compliance studies for 39 years. Over the years Solutient has developed particular subject matter expertise in diverse areas that on the face of it bear no resemblance. The link is the ability to apply techniques that effectively address the subject matter. Some of these subject matter areas are listed below:

  • Organizational development
  • Economic Development
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Criminal justice
  • Housing
  • Health care, including treatment programs
  • Police and fire salary studies
  • Seaport initiatives

Solutient has performed well over 100 evaluations and compliance studies since 1976.A sample of our clients is displayed on the web site.


Domestic Clients

Department of Labor

Tulane University

Montgomery County Texas

Pontchartrain Convention Center

City of New Orleans (3 projects)

Department of Transportation

Georgia Department of Human Resources

Department of Justice

State of Colorado

State of Florida

City of Lincoln, Nebraska

Orleans Parish Criminal District Court (2)

Orleans Police Department

State of California

State of Alaska

International Clients


Somalia Port Authority

Bangladesh Port Authority

Colpuertos, Colombia

Northern Marianas

American Samoa