The Solutient Corporation is a Louisiana professional services consulting firm with offices in New Orleans, Terrebonne LA, and New York City.

Solutient is a successor company to CSA which opened its doors in 1974, creating a continuous delivery of management services to jurisdictions all over the world, all over the country and all over Louisiana.

“Professional services” best describes the contribution Solutient makes to efficient and effective governance. We list these services below but the total impact is far greater than the sum of the parts. Programs we manage or evaluate or insure compliance are always better for the fact that we are careful, systematic, and accountable. In the end, we are retained by governments because above all we are accountable. Programs and projects are never the same; each initiative may require entirely different support. We are in the business of providing the administrative and accounting and compliance expertise that ensures programs are implemented as expected, that funding is distributed as intended, and that rules and procedures are followed. Forty years of delivering these services have resulted in some special expertise, as diverse as criminal justice and housing authorities or disaster recovery and transit system management.

The glue holding these practices together is our knowledge of governmental operations and a belief that our contribution is to make things work better.