IT Services

Solutient’s custom software development supports client goals by creating more effective systems, better data access points, and longevity of design.

Solutient’s evolution into the world of technology has now delivered over two decades of custom software development. Through our team of subject matter architects and experienced custom programmers, Solutient builds expert software to support the goals of our clients. In contrast to mass market systems, this approach talks directly to the operational and enterprise goals of clients. The success of this approach can be seen in the longevity of the systems designed by our firm.

The proof in our approach is evident through goal attainment as well as the test of time. The client systems we’ve built have continued operations for ten, twenty, and several for thirty plus years. This longevity is truly remarkable in the world of IT and alludes to the high quality of our systems approach. 

Our unique approach produces results because we master each of our client’s patterns of business and financial transactions in their successful enterprises. First comes the business case, then comes custom designed computer facilitation.

Some of our most interesting applications include
diverse elements of the economy.


M3 is a full spectrum software management system developed for our Louisiana and Greater New Orleans area clients in the field of disaster recovery. Now over 15 years old, and revised twice to accommodate changes in federal regulations, this system is made available to all disaster recovery clients, at no additional cost, to enable them to better manage their reporting requirements to state and federal agencies.

Organizations trust Solutient when it comes to investing in their digital infrastructure. The benefits of Solutient built systems are evident for years to come.

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