Grant Application Development, Management & Accounting

Solutient has the ability to efficiently execute a grant’s complex lifestyle from application development to project completion.

Solutient’s application development function starts at homeowner outreach and involves documentation development, grant application filing, and local and federal review support.

Solutient project coordinators, with support from the PMO’s grant accounting specialists, help each funded property owner through the mitigation process from validating matching funds, selecting qualified contractors, insuring funds distribution via field verified construction milestones, to complete record keeping.

Solutient’s PMO accounting staff customizes its services based on the needs of its clients. Close working relationships with our clients’ accounting offices are established at the beginning of any new project to initiate processes that complement our clients. The grant accounting group is capable of reviewing, approving, and processing all project invoicing independently or we can simply serve as a “check and balance” for a process that exists within a client’s internal organization. Solutient’s grant accounting group acts as added layer of oversight for all grant-related activity and in doing so, significantly reduces the possibility of delayed payments and misuse of Federal funding.