Grant Management & Administration

Our team of transit experts provides turnkey grant management, administrative and project implementation services for local and regional transit authorities and agencies. Some of Solutient’s specific services offered include:

  • Provide oversight for the entire transit grant process and assist with the full life cycle of grant management – from grant application preparation and submittal to reporting and accounting through closeout.
  • Assess and assist with operational compliance – Americans with Disabilities (ADA), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Title VI, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Limited English Proficiency (LEP), Charter Service, quarterly drug and alcohol testing and preventive maintenance compliance monitoring, etc.
  • Assist with Triennial Reviews – review policies/procedure and capital project/RFP files and prepare recommendations for modifications and updates; assist with the desk response; represent agency during the Triennial Review; and assist with the preparation of materials in response to the exit interview.
  • Assist with monthly and annual National Transit Database (NTD) reporting – prepare and submit monthly ridership and safety reports; assist with the preparation of annual NTD reporting.
  • Prepare for and implement capital projects – determine project priorities; prepare bid specifications while ensuring that all federal, state and local requirements are included; and represent agencies during the construction phase.
  • Assist with Requests for Proposals and Invitation for Bids – prepare requests for proposals and invitation for bids, ensure all federal, state and local requirements are included; and assist with evaluations.