Disaster Recovery

In the face of natural disasters, Solutient paves the way to rebuild communities so that they’re stronger than ever.

Over the last two decades, Solutient has expanded to become a primary force in recovery management for communities of all sizes. We are committed to helping municipalities efficiently rebuild from disasters so that communities can get back to a better quality of life.

Communities trust Solutient to lead disaster recovery programs from the rebuilding of thousands of homes and businesses, to our Capital Program Division managing the administration of large public works water programs for local governments.

Whether it’s widespread damage from hurricanes, flooding, or wind related disasters, Solutient provides efficient, trustworthy management to achieve successful outcomes.

Solutient Combines Expertise with Premium Software Management Tools to Provide Comprehensive Grant Management Services


With our expert staff initiating Program Management Offices (PMOs), we quickly begin operations with local municipalities to ensure properties of funded homeowners are safely and quickly mitigated in accordance with FEMA regulations and procedures.


Solutient manages all necessary data, assists in the preparation of grant applications, and facilitates accurate reporting to clients and government officials through our proprietary relational database, M3.

M3 provides a range of capabilities, including tracking of property, homeowner, and client details, recording engineering and construction data, vendor information tracking, logging of communication and accounting information, monitoring milestones throughout the grant process, and generating real-time reports to provide instant data relating to grant status.

With our specialized services and cutting-edge technology, Solutient is fully equipped to provide comprehensive grant management solutions to our clients.


Solutient’s expertise also encompasses services related to PMO creation, elevation and reconstruction management, as well as the implementation of drainage and infrastructure projects, both small and large-scale.

Our expert team efficiently handles pre-awarded tasks, such as collaborating with engineers and parish officials to establish project scopes, writing and submitting fundable grant applications, and complying with programmatic requirements.

Once the grant is awarded, Solutient manages the procurement process for architecture and engineering firms and construction contractors, tracks project milestones, monitors construction completion for invoice verifications, and takes on all grant financial responsibilities and reporting. This includes securing advance funding, tracking funds for advance reconciliations, and providing support to the client during audits.


Development, Management, & Accounting

Our expertise assures government leaders and homeowners alike that projects are completed carefully and efficiently.

We are proud of our high quality reputation of restoration support, ensuring homes, businesses, and communities are given the opportunity to thrive post-disaster.

FACT: Solutient has an extensive history in successful implementation of Louisiana statewide IT guidelines, many of which were first introduced by Solutient.

Our track record says it all:

Decades of experience meeting federal regulations. Achieves an ongoing FEMA
assessment rating of highest
quality of our clients' and our
firm's project performance.
Accounting requirements met
and exceeded in each project. A Construction Monitoring
program that has allowed for
zero-finding audits, 100%
reimbursement, and smooth
closeout processes.

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