Transit Services

Solutient delivers high-level expertise on everything from grant management, administration, planning/GIS and staffing to meet public transit goals.

Solutient goes beyond industry standards in transit services. While we often see municipalities contracting with large transit firms to operate large fleets of trolleys and buses, the management of these firms is up to each municipality. When municipalities partner with Solutient, we handle all aspects of management and operations. Solutient staffs the administrative functions of these agencies by providing experienced transit managers who bring to the table all the skills local government requires.

Solutient goes above and beyond general transit operator roles, to provide extensive support and work towards the jurisdiction’s transit goals.

Transit Grant Management and Administration to ensure proper compliance, inclusivity, accurate preparations, smooth RFP and bidding processes, and more.

Transit Planning & GIS to provide elements such as proper research, clear projections, safety compliance, financial analyses, and more. 

Transit Marketing to provide informative communication to the community regarding implemented systems.


Our team of transit experts provides turnkey grant management, as well as administrative and project implementation services for local and regional transit authorities and agencies.

Some of Solutient’s specific Transit Services offered include:


Solutient has the capability to prepare short and long range transit planning studies.

Specifically, we provide our clients with the following:

  • Service evaluations and analyses through the preparation of ridership projections
  • Administration of passenger surveys
  • Review and report on route and overall system performance
  • Develop systems security plans and plan for updates as required by FEMA/DHS to qualify for Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP) funding.
  • Development and implementation of transit safety/security public education campaigns
  • Preparation of financial analyses and capital improvement plans
  • Work with GIS to create system maps
  • Preparation of required maps for reports such as Title VI, and for use in the preparation/presentation of demographic/ridership projections
  • Planning, advertisement, and facilitation of public hearings


In addition to our transit planning services, Solutient has the expertise to develop custom materials including system maps, schedules, schedule booklets, etc.

We assist our clients with the public information process of developing transit services by: