About Us

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Solutient unlocks government potential, empowering communities to flourish.

Solutient continuously evolves to meet our clients’ needs in both the public and private sectors. Our vast expertise on the management of key operations to help communities thrive continue to shape the way we serve. 

Our clients trust us to manage operations from numerous jurisdictions in our home state of Louisiana to organizations nationally and around the world. 

Solutient Evolves to Meet Communities’ Changing Needs 

Since 1974, Solutient continues to lead thousands of government and private entities to succeed in the implementation and management of crucial systems that make an impact for decades to come. Here at Solutient, we are proud of our expertise and the range of services we offer. We are most notably proud of our dedication to changing needs, so that communities are equipped to consistently improve.  

Solutient has extensive experience and understanding of how federal programs operate. Solutient’s proprietary grant management software (M3) application development is evidence of our unique understanding of what it takes to manage and implement compliant, federally regulated programs.

  • – Disaster Recovery
  • – Evaluation
  • – HUD Programming
  • – IT Services
  • – Transit Services

Notably after Hurricane Katrina, our leadership determined new ways to support New Orleans and surrounding communities to aid local governments. Our expertise and determination to rebuild our own community were key to becoming one of the leaders of support services in Disaster Recovery.

We have three offices to support your community’s needs nationwide, including the Greater New Orleans area; Kenner, LA; and New York, NY.