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Dr. Robert Sternhell is the owner and CEO Emeritus of Solutient. Dr. Sternhell moved the company through three successful re-inventions, on each occasion expanding the business. In each iteration the objective remained the same: to find ways to assist organizations in achieving their own goals.

Dr. Sternhell is a scholar-turned-entrepreneur who combined academic rigor with practical market sense to build a successful professional business. His academic interests tilted strongly toward public management, and he translated his graduate studies into program evaluation consultation. Sternhell worked with the Department of Justice, conducting more than five years of evaluations in criminal justice programs across the U.S. From 1973 through 1978 he was asked to evaluate nearly 100 programs ranging from prison rehabilitation to the crime impact of street lighting to sentencing practices in criminal courts and various police enforcement programs. His work led to his appointment as a national trainer for the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration where he evaluated programs across the Pacific Rim.

Soon thereafter, The University of New Orleans tapped Dr. Sternhell to take over its newly created Masters of Public Administration program. Starting out with five students, the program grew to 130 in three years. In addition to his administrative and managerial skills, he was able to secure more than $3 million in grant funding for the emerging graduate program over five years.

Dr. Sternhell started Solutient as an information technology firm to provide services for a wide range of private companies and governmental jurisdictions. The firm continued to grow with multiple growth milestones including the acquisition of a Microsoft Gold Authorized Training Center in Ohio, and their New York location (serving clients such as Major League Baseball).

Hurricane Katrina was a major expansion point for Solutient as well. Through experience with flood mapping and other projects focused in FEMA’s Region VI in Dallas, Solutient had laid the necessary groundwork to grow in its expertise of FEMA regulations and compliance. Under Dr. Sternhell’s direction, Solutient became the first to market elevation and grant management services to support their community in need following Katrina. Solutient has maintained the leadership position in this field since 2007.

Dr. Sternhell has had a profound impact on the growth and service ability of the company he founded. “Our firm has the ability to assist state and local governments in the management of federal programs and federal dollars in the form of grants that these jurisdictions need desperately. In return for the funds, the Feds are requiring precise accountability to help manage funding at the state and local levels. Our goal is twofold: to use federal dollars wisely and to achieve clean audits for all of our clients.”

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